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Boris and Valentina Bergen with Benaja, Phil Noah and Zea are slowly but surely thinking about their departure again. Due to the Corona virus, they have had to make an […]

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Answered prayer

Andrew and Eliza Keyser with Judah, Gloria, Josephine thank the Lord for His grace and mercy towards them and praise Him for coming into this dark world as the ‘Light […]

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Still waiting

André and Aurélie Tousch and family planned to return to Papua New Guinea in November. However, they are still in France waiting for their visas. They know the Lord is […]

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Mark and Janet Case support church planting in Paraguay and the COUNTDOWN has begun – only a few more days until take-off! They will be flying back to Paraguay this […]

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Messages from the Mwinika

Phil and Elin Henderson hearts are ever ‘thankful’ for all God has done in healing Elin and all that He has been teaching them. This month they plan to spend […]

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Even during a time when ministry is challenging in ways Tom and Beth Carlton never expected, they echo what the psalmist says – they have chosen to be faithful! Desiring […]

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