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Jenny de Jongh spent Christmas with a co-worker’s family in a different part of Senegal. She was able to experience mission work in the village, a church service in the […]

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Between Christmas and New Year Sascha and Damaris Kroeker with Johanna, Elisabeth and Jonathan were privileged to spend a couple of nights with one of the church planting teams in […]

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Philip and Natalie Hansen with Louis and Timon have been living in Kovol now for over a week. One thing is sure: the Kovol people are extremely generous and have […]

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All go

For Jonathan and Rachel Willcock the last few weeks have been a bit of a blur but they are doing well and recently made it safely to Colombia. They had […]

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REACH further

Paul and Naomi Born would appreciate prayer as they are heading up the REACH further mission trip in the summer. The trips aim is to give an insight into life […]

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Winding up

Tony and Maria Verlaan are now winding up their time in Australia where they have spent time with family to head back to South Africa. They are very thankful for […]

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