Is your church feeling limited by a lack of short-term mission trips right now? We have some exciting news for you!

This year, COVID-19 has forced Ethnos360 to get creative and move the annual overseas Interface Mission Trip programme from Papua New Guinea to Pennsylvania, USA

Join them from June 6-19, 2021.

Field-experienced missionaries will be your guides and mentors as you work through what it takes to see a thriving church for every people. Worldview, animism, and syncretism will be covered, with real-life examples and stories from those who have “been there, done that.” You will get a taste and touch of what first-hand missions looks like as you experientially explore, listen, and learn. You will see firsthand what it takes to dive into a new culture and learn an unwritten language. You will investigate church-planting strategy and methodology, world religions, Bible translation and more. You will walk alongside experienced missionaries and understand the biblical foundation for reaching unreached people groups. Your heart for the world and understanding of the Bible will deepen as you learn, experience, play, work and grow alongside godly teachers and mentors. This experience will push you to think for yourself and to find your place in the Great Commission.

This discipleship-intensive, college-level missions course is a one-time event you will not want to miss.

The INTERFACE USA Intensive will be held June 6-19, 2021, at the Wayumi & Three Springs Campuses in Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania, USA.This is a college-level course for people ages 18 and above. The cost is approx £950 for two weeks and includes room, board, activities, curriculum, and events. You are responsible for your travel expenses to and from Jersey Shore. Many colleges and universities give credit for Interface.

Additionally, participants in this year’s INTERFACE USA Intensive will be eligible to enter to win a unique $500 scholarship opportunity to a subsequent year’s Interface Mission Trip in Papua New Guinea. It is hoped Interface PNG will be back on track for in the summer of 2022.


August 7 – 21, 2020 – cancelled
On-field cost approximately £1,150 (this does not include the cost of travel  to the Philippines)

Gain an insight into life on the mission field. See what God is doing in the Philippines!