Wisdom needed

Dubby and Anna Rodda served as missionaries for many years in West Africa. Now living in the UK, they continue to follow the work there, and are encouraged that translated Scriptures in the language group where they served are being prepared digitally and carefully checked ready for printing. Pray that everything is indeed in the correct place, for example that the footnotes refer to a verse on that page. One of the biggest challenges has been small bits of text which spill into the next page. Pray that the Lord God will give the wisdom!

Once this has been completed in Roman script the next step will be to repeat the whole process for the entire text in the Arabic-type script. It will require some long days of tedious work over some months!

Pray for Dubby and Anna, as in their words, “We plod on and trust that the Lord will still somehow use us in various ways. We are finding some new opportunities to build contacts with neighbours, so we trust they will be fruitful in God’s kingdom.”