Translation check

Rick and Anji Zook who serve among the Mouk people of Papua New Guinea, are thankful that their second long distance translation check went very well!  The challenge this time was that they were working with a consultant in the USA, so it was his afternoon/evening but their morning time the next day. The time difference meant that there were fewer hours in the day in which they could do checks on the book of Exodus. It took more days, but it was worth it!

The first day was delayed for a couple of hours by heavy rain. But the weather cleared, and they were able to get the whole book completely checked!  Now they need to work on small revisions, then print test copies for the Lusi people.

The regional missionary conference was held at the end of March and Rick and Anji were able travel to attend. At the conference, they were honoured with a plaque for 20 years of service in PNG. They find it hard to believe that it has been that long! The time has certainly flown. But God has been so faithful through all the years. They are rejoicing that He has enabled them to support the Mouk people as they reach out to the Lusi people group.

Rick and Anji plan to take a short home assignment in the USA to help their daughter adjust to life after college. They will be visiting churches to share about what has been happening with their work among the Lusi people in Papua New Guinea.