Together again

That was a very exciting and wonderful time as they watched God build His church which from then on has continued to learn and grow in their faith in Jesus Christ. The teenagers of today were little kids back then, and were not able to understand the story of God. That is why Gary Smith with a Dinangat believer has now started a youth meeting on Sunday afternoons so they can hear the redemption story again. Ralf is helping out from time to time along with some of the Dinangat Bible teachers. These meetings were launched at the end of January and many young people, along with some older ones who just want to hear it again, came and listened to the beginning of the story. Please pray for this youth meeting that these young people, who are the future of the Dinangat church, would become grounded in the Word and stand firm on it.
After having been separated as a family for a year with Naomi and Rebekka living in Goroka, where they attend Numonohi Christian Academy on the NTM Centre, and Ralf and Elli (with Mimi) living in Dinangat. After much thought and prayer, Ralf and Elli have decided to move to Goroka in July for Naomi’s senior year before she then moves to Germany.
As a family they have learned a lot in this last year, especially to lean on the Lord when times get tough and they miss each other. While they are in Goroka for the next school year, Ralf and Elli will continue to work on the Bible translation and make trips into Dinangat to keep checking the translation and meeting with the Bible Teachers. They are very happy about this new plan and thank God for knowing exactly what they need and when they need it!
“Yes, it was Him and it is Him who gives us the sun, who gives us the rain when it is the right time for it. He gives us enough power, food, His Word and He also guides us. We can always be secure in His hands, for He knows exactly what we need and when we need it!”

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