Together again

Ralf and Elli Schlegel are thankful for prayer as God continues to build his church in Dinangat and the team are again a step closer to finishing the translation of the New Testament in the Dinangat language. Their co-workers Gary and Esther Smith are back in PNG after their home assignment. They are so thankful to be back together as a team once again. (Markleys, Smiths, and Schlegels).

On a visit to the tribe a few of the highlights were: comprehension checking the book of James with one of the believers, spending time with a family at their garden house, and Elli was able to work on the children’s New Testament – Bible Story Book with one of the believing ladies.

Ralf, Elli and Mimi are so thankful that they get to go to Germany for almost five weeks in the summer. They are excited to go spend time with family and friends and to also get some rest. On their way back to PNG they are thrilled to be able to make a stop in the USA to spend ten days with their daughter Naomi and husband Jaeden. God is so good! They are so thankful for how He provides for them.

Praise & Prayer Points:


  • For the good progress of the Bible translation – their co-worker Jeremiah finished the first drafts of all the Gospels this week! Ralf has only the first draft of Acts left. They are seeing light at the end of the tunnel!
  • The building of the houses of the neighbouring Uruwa tribe is going well.


  • For continued wisdom for the work of translating God’s Word into Dinangat
  • For Elli’s health
  • For spiritual growth of the Dinangat youth