Different but wonderful

Easter for Gabi in West Africa was very different but how wonderful that the message of Easter is the same, no matter where we are and how we celebrate. Jesus is risen and has the victory over sin and death!

In Senegal an Easter dessert is made from peanut butter, monkey breadfruit, sugar, millet, and spices/aroma, which is quite sweet and rich. On Good Friday or on Saturday people make big bowls full and share it with neighbours and friends. Sharing is very important in this culture.

On Easter Sunday Gabi enjoyed a church service with communion, singing, a sermon, and a snack afterwards (which only happens for special occasions in her church). The rest of the day she spent with her host family.

Recently, Gabi started the last phase in language and culture study, which is a long one and depends on her progress as to how long it will take.

Gabi is involved in church and spends time with her African friends who help her in her studies and understanding the culture.

The presidential elections took place recently after some time of uncertainty. After much prayer for this important event, thankfully things stayed calm. Continue to pray for peace as the new government settles in.

Praise the Lord:

– For Jesus’ resurrection and victory.

– For progress in language and culture study.

– That it stayed calm during the elections.

Please pray:

– That Gabi would be a blessing and testimony to those around her.

– For efficiency in her language study.

– For the new government.

– For two village trips planned for Gabi this month: for protection, health, strength, and good experiences.