Progress in teaching

The missionary team among the Glarro people of Liberia are making progress in teaching the chronological Bible lessons. A core group of about thirty men and women have attended consistently and seem to be interested and listen intently. They have heard about the consequences of sin, Cain and Abel, the flood, the tower of Babel and Abraham. This weekend they will hear about Abraham offering Isaac, and how God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah.

Guy did all the teaching last weekend as Aaron and Amy flew to Germany to celebrate Aaron’s parents 50th wedding anniversary. Amy’s parents travelled from the USA, to also attend the anniversary celebration. Amy’s dad came down with severe pancreatitis due to an obstructed bile duct and has been hospitalised. Because her parents do not speak any German, Aaron and Amy did not want to leave them whilst they are still in Germany. Between going back and forth from the hospital, they will try to work on Glarro lessons and translation as they can.

Pray for Guy who will also do the teaching this weekend and probably the following weekend too.


– That Guy was and is able to continue the teaching and communicate God’s Word to the Glarro people.

– For a wonderful celebration and thanksgiving service with Aaron’s parents in Germany.

– That God is watching over Guy, Keyla and family and giving them the strength to continue despite malaria.


– That God will draw more people to the teaching of His Word because it is His Word.

– For Aaron and Amy to have wisdom as to when to schedule their return flight to Africa.

Thank you for your continued prayers for the team and the Glarro people!