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Handsome and healthy

Praise the Lord that towards the end of last month Ben and Tabea’s third son was born to them in Asia-Pacific and he is handsome and healthy! A couple of […]

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Reaching out

Once again, Wayne and Patsy Gibson thank you for your prayers as the Lord works in the lives of His people among the Piapocos in Colombia. More and more, they […]

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With church meetings and events gradually resuming in person, restrictions easing and his contract coming to an end Liam’s job is winding down. However, Liam and Ellen are excited to […]

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Translation checking

Last month Robert and Nicole Westerveld got a message that one of the flights they had booked to go to Papua New Guinea had been cancelled. At that time they […]

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Encouraging reports

During lockdown, before leaving for home assignment Ragnar and Elizabeth would take their daily walk around their neighbourhood in the Philippines and begin to get to know the people who […]

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