Contacting the unreached

In February, Adrian and Evelyn Jotter finally completed their Visaya language studies in the Philippines. In March, Adrian unexpectedly went on several survey trips. They also discovered that Evelyn was pregnant, (the expected arrival of their baby being in October) and had to take a step back as a family because Evelyn was prescribed strict bed rest. The month of March turned out very differently than they had planned.

Missionaries had been trying to get to know a particular people group for several months but all doors seemed closed. However, they have now been able to collect a large amount of information within just a few weeks. This information will help in decision making as to whether, and where to place missionaries in this people group. Adrian is incredibly grateful for the experience of being on these trips. God amazingly led one encounter after another, the timing was perfect in so many ways. It would have been impossible for someone to plan it that way, but God is able. The highlight was a three-day trip with long travel times and an unshakably strengthened trust in God’s guidance.

Adrian and Evelyn are taking time to talk and pray about whether they as a family should go to this people group as part of a team, or whether God has another plan. There will also be survey trips to other people groups in the next few months. In two months, they will return as a family to Germany for home assignment until the beginning of January 2025. They are really looking forward to spending time with friends and family and will also travel and give mission reports. They are also hoping to visit North Cotes College towards the end of the year.


–     For the help that their home school helper Michael and his family (Jessika and baby Levi) have been to them for almost three months. They have now returned to Germany.

–     For the baby they are expecting in October and that they can be in Germany for the birth.

–     For the successful survey trips that have taken place in the last few weeks and that Adrian was able to be a part. Everyone involved experienced God’s power and guidance.

–     For all the things that have already been wonderfully prepared for their upcoming home assignment in Germany (e.g. apartment, car).


–     That the location for the future place for church planting would become clear.

–     That God would prepare the hearts of the people to whom He will send Adrian and Evelyn. Meeting people who have not yet had the chance to hear the Gospel in their language has again reminded them of their purpose of being in the Philippines.

–     That they can be a witness to their Filipino neighbours and friends in everyday life – due to Evelyn’s pregnancy they have heard a lot more superstitions, which sometimes leads to good conversations.

–     For safety and health during Evelyn’s pregnancy (she hasn’t been feeling so well the last few weeks).

–     For surveys in other areas during the next several months.

–     For their mental and practical preparations for home assignment in Germany – their children will go to a real school and nursery for the first time; as their youngest daughter was a baby when they left Germany, she has no idea what to expect.

–     As they make a decision about how their house will be taken care of while they are away etc.

–     As they face lots of new challenges.