Aaron and Amy Speitelsbach serve God among the Glarro in Liberia, West Africa.

They thank God for helping them through some more difficult parts of the Bible lessons.  Aaron has about finished polishing up the ones he was working on and is starting to make headway again with a lesson about Abraham offering Isaac. Pray for wisdom and endurance. Also, pray for those involved in helping them with the Bible lessons that they will come to an understanding of their sinfulness.

The kids’ literacy classes that Amy has been running are a bit less rowdy, especially when Aaron attends. Most of the kids are making progress and learning the syllables well. Some are guessing more than reading.

Amy has met a couple times with the adult literacy class, as well as her comprehension-checking group. However, these times are still far from regular. It is uncertain, whether it is due to lack of interest or other things.

After a recent storm, Aaron spent several hours with a group of men from the village cutting up five big trees that had fallen on the road to their village. He is thankful for the strength and endurance God gives every morning.

Pray for the Glarro to have humble hearts to respect Almighty God.

Aaron and Amy plan to spend Christmas with their friend and his family a three-hour drive from their village. They are looking forward to a small break and some faster internet where they can make some WhatsApp calls.