Willing to serve

Andrew and Joanna McCready and family want to show the love of Christ by serving as He did.

The month of March started off with some very hot humid weather with only a little rain where they serve in Asia-Pacific. They are thankful to look back to some wonderful things God has done and some exciting things to look forward to.

Andrew took a trip to help with a youth weekend in a more rural area. The team expected only 40-50 kids in their class but between 80-85 very lively children attend every meeting (six meetings from Friday to Sunday. Games and sport competitions were organised as well. God gave help and strength to Andrew throughout the entire time (he went with neck pain due to a trapped nerve). The youth meetings held by another team (at the same time) also went well. May God continue to work in the hearts of these young children in this remote people group.

As a family they drove the one hour scenic car journey to meet national co-workers in their ministry location in the mountains just above the town where they live. They were very encouraged. Some of the young people from the dorm joined them as well. It was eye opening to all of them just seeing some of the challenges that this team faces as they learn a new tribal language and get connected with the local, traditional church there. Please pray for the this team.

Sunday school in Andrew and Joanna’s local church has started up. After some time of getting everything set up and organised, they now have different people taking turns to teach the small group of children.

The young man that is now paralysed as a result of a motorbike accident is now back to his remote home. Sadly, the family made the decision that they wanted to return to their village without him having finished the treatment (physio). Pray that they would know God’s help every day. It involved many months for Andrew and Joanna driving him back and forward to the hospital in the back of their car, getting food for their family, and trying to find the best help for him.

Joanna’s local friend’s mother-in-law from Norway stayed with them for one month, which they enjoyed. Now their guest apartment is occupied by a faithful returning guest who will be involved in a Christian conference in a rural area, that will happen in the next few weeks. This is a great opportunity for the believers to receive good teaching. Please pray for these trips. Due to their own upcoming family reunion Andrew won’t be able to join the trip this time.

The long waited family trip to the beautiful island of Bali for the wedding of Andrew’s older brother has arrived. They are looking forward to meeting Andrew’s whole family for this special occasion. They will spend two weeks together, then Andrew’s parents will return with them for a few days.

They were very excited to hear that one of the remote village churches took on the task to organise a youth weekend for the Christian young people from four different language groups. Hundreds of young people are expected for this three-day event involving Bible teaching, games and camping in the mountains. Andrew will return from Bali early and help their young people join the conference. Please remember this event especially in your prayers.

Pray for:

Safety in travel.

Andrew’s brother’s wedding and for a blessed time with family.

Their daughter’s passport renewal.

The youth weekend over the Easter period.

Andrew’s parents as they will return with them to their ministry location for a few days before returning home.

Praise God for:

The youth weekend earlier this year.

The boys who have started meeting Andrew for one-one Bible study.

Their family trip to the mountains to visit a team.

The startup of the Sunday school.

Ten years of marriage and how they have seen God’s faithfulness through all those years.