Where is home

Where is home? Is a question Eri has been thinking about a lot. “Where do I belong? Where do I feel at home?” After two and a half months in Germany on home assignment, she is calling it “home” again; but inwardly she is already looking forward to go back to Africa. Presently she is enjoying seeing the change of seasons in Germany eating nice, western food, cycling with her nieces and many more things she does not experience in Africa. Pray that she will be an encouragement to her home church and other groups where she can share about the Lord’s work.

Recently Eri attended a prayer camp with ladies who were former missionaries, having served for 30 – 40 years overseas. She was surprised, amazed and also encouraged by how close these people are to the Lord, how thankful they are and how much they pray.

Lord willing, on her return to West Africa in January, Eri will start working in the ministry of people group assessment (PGA). The team need prayer for the right connections/key people, for wisdom how to approach the villages (which are not necessarily open for the Gospel), and how to find out where there is the biggest need. Meanwhile she hopes to brush up her French, start learning Wolof and to continue meeting with her African friends.

Please pray for one particular people group where the team had done an assessment last year.Just a few days ago one of the very few believers there passed away. Even though they do not understand, why God took home a key person, who was such a testimony, they can trust His plan for this people group.

Also, pray for the churches in Senegal as they are planning to do a huge programme of evangelism next spring.