When will we arrive?

Michi and Manu and family have definitely arrived and settled in Asia -Pacific and are happy to be there. But they knew from the start that it would be another stopover on the long journey. This month they had a visit from the mission’s field leadership and somehow were surprised to realise that they are about to have to make a decision again. It’s about deciding in which region of the country they will finish learning the language and later start their [God willing] long-term ministry – the place where they will finally “arrive”.

They are thrilled and view it as God’s leading that they also have the opportunity to visit the regions to gain a personal impression as they go through this decision-making process. Even before the field leadership’s visit, Michi together with some men were invited to a Bible conference among a people group and also to see ministry opportunities on the island. Next month, as a family they plan to fly to another island together with a few other families, to gain an insight into the work and service opportunities in the villages there. They are excited to gain new experiences.

Everyday life continues as normal with language learning and building relationships. Now a friend and neighbour sometimes sits in their home as a language helper. Right now, they are at the stage of recounting short, everyday processes that they previously recorded with the language helpers, which means speaking for 3-4 minutes at a time. For the most part, Michi and Manu are encouraged that they can already express themselves in different ways and that they are able to talk for such a long time, but there is always room for improvement, and it definitely still needs a lot of practice.

Church life also takes up quite a large part of their week. A home group and a women’s meeting take place once a week. Then on Sundays church service and Sunday school. Spending time with local brothers and sisters regularly is wonderful and also helps them learn a lot with regard to language and the culture. Among other things, they learn what “working together” and serving means to them and how manual work is done. The things that keep them busy in their everyday lives, also the kinds of hardships the people here face and how they depend on each other and the services they provide. How they rejoice together, but also how they suffer together and visit each other in hospital etc.

They are thankful to God that their children are growing, learning and are a great joy and support to them. God often encourages them through them. It doesn’t mean that they don’t sometimes miss home, the people there and occasionally food from Germany too. Nevertheless, they always share in finding things to be grateful for in Asia-Pacific.

Going through a workbook on the topic of “Heaven” together over the last few months has encouraged Michi and Manu many times as they thought about their eternal destination – what they are running this race for and what the place is like where they will finally truly arrive. Pray that more and more people will believe in Jesus and have the certainty of a beautiful arrival at their eternal home.

They are grateful to God for…

…growing relationships and friendships.

…good progress in language learning.

…their kids who are doing well and who help them building relationships

…the special and eternal goal – for the living, real hope!

They ask God that…

…He would clearly guide them in deciding which region and where to serve.

…He would take care of them while travelling.

…they continue to have the motivation, strength, and health to learn the language.

…relationships and friendships to continue to grow.

…they would be an encouragement to believers in Asia-Pacific.

…He would equip them with mercy towards their children, as they are not only parents, but also friends and teachers.