What’s next

Dennis and Valerie Easton look like they will be in Canada a little longer yet. Normally at this point, they would be turning their plans towards getting back to their jungle home. However, the Philippines has been very careful about reopening their borders, and their current visa situation is that they cannot return to the Philippines right away.

Because of this delay, they are also seeing that it does not really make sense for Lael, due to finish high school in May, to return with them to the Philippines. They feel it is important for them to be around to help her finish up high school and guide her as she processes and plans her next step.

Dennis and Valerie are now making tentative plans to return to the Philippines around the end of May 2022, carefully watching the border situation and praying about Lael’s plans.

Dennis’ parents have graciously opened their home to them again. They moved into a small house next door that became available for rent. This is a much better situation for them but it takes a little more intentionality to see them.

Dennis’ mom is teaching Theo for about two hours a day and teaches “Pond & Stream Science” to both Cambree and Theo. This is a precious time for them to have this time with Grandma. In addition to continuing to home school, their eldest girls, Lael and Aria, have both started their first jobs.

Last autumn and winter were challenging for the kids with lockdowns preventing them from much socialising. This autumn has been much better with the older three involved in two youth groups and the younger two kids able to go to a large Kid’s Club. They do not take these opportunities for Christian fellowship for granted after the isolation they often experience overseas!

Now that their one-year home assignment is officially over, they are concentrating on writing Bible lessons to teach when they return. Dennis has also spent the past few weeks type-setting the lessons he already taught. Their plan is to publish this into book form and distribute to people’s homes. This will be the only book besides the New Testament that is written in the Ga’dang language. Imagine that! They will also be travelling a bit with a busy preaching/sharing schedule for the next few months.

Dennis and Valerie are thankful to have had several conversations with their co-workers who have been in the Ga’dang village for most of the time since they left in 2020. They have been very busy, balancing language study while continuing the teaching.

People from the village continue to attend the teaching but their co-workers are not seeing any real true confessions of faith. Please pray for a spiritual breakthrough!

Please Pray:

– For Dennis and Valerie and family as they await the Lord’s timing to return to the Philippines.

– For wisdom for Lael. She is considering whether she should work for a year before pursuing post-secondary education.

– For strength and wisdom for their co-workers as they finish up their teaching sessions before Christmas.

– For a spiritual breakthrough in the village!

– For restored vision to see how to reach the Ga’dang effectively and see Christ’s church established there.

Thank you so much for praying for the Ga’dang!