Valuable tools

Alessandro and Chantal Parrillo with Samuel and Jolissa praise God that Chantal’s health has greatly improved. Alessandro was sick too but he has now recovered. Continue to pray for their health; especially Chantal’s who continually struggles to find a good balance so she does not overdo it.
They are thankful that they were able to make some progress in language learning and Alessandro had many opportunities to connect with people. Pray for their time in Dakar at the Applied Linguistics Workshop and that it will provide them with valuable tools to better learn the language and be able to communicate more clearly. Pray for their children’s wellbeing (first of all, spiritually, as well as the rest) and for them as parents.
Once again they are without a house helper. Please pray God will provide someone that is faithful to come and works well.
Continue to pray for their co-workers as they work towards being able to begin the Bible teaching. In addition, keep praying that God prepares the ‘ground’ to receive His Truth and that it bears fruit!