Christ’s finished work

The Chappell family first moved into the Menya people group in 2008.  The Gospel was presented in the Menyan language, and the church was born in April of 2018.  Currently, the missionaries are able to say that the church is growing in the Lord as they go through Romans together.  They are learning that sin has no power over them as believers in Christ.

One of believers shares his testimony— before he believed in the Gospel, he did not think it was possible to know if he was saved, because he didn’t know if he had done enough good works to get to heaven.  But now, he is trusting in Christ’s finished work on the cross and has the assurance that Paul quotes in Romans 4:7-8.  The Menyan believers are enjoying their salvation and are thankful for the Lord’s sacrifice for them as God’s Word continues to change their lives.

Recently, 24 believers from the Menyan church were able to attend a Believers’ Conference by hiking for 42 miles through the mountains.  The three-day conference brought together believers from seven tribes among the Angan people groups in the central mountains of Papua New Guinea.  This week, the book of Romans and Acts in the Menyan language are being translation checked.  Pray that the translation check results in an accurate representation of God’s Word, so that the Menyan people are able to continue growing in God’s Truth.