Trusting God

Steve and Gerdine Stanley with Oscar are very thankful to be back in the UK after a long and uneventful journey. Thank you to everyone who was praying for them.

It is disorientating to go so far in so short a time in more ways than just jet lag. The tension of the last month has been suddenly released and they look back with heads and emotions spinning.

Last week Steve was so tense  he could not sleep, expecting a hitch in the journey that would mean they were stuck somewhere with the window to travel closing as Gerdine’s delivery date crept closer. He experienced a deep, stomach-churning fear.

Steve had moments of strength and weakness during their month of uncertainty. He says “Trusting God for me was not expecting smooth sailing and no problems. After all, we follow a crucified Lord. God provides and God loves us, but he sometimes asks us to walk hard roads we would never choose. Sometimes he allows the worst thing imaginable to actually happen and shows His power by bringing joy and life out of misery and death – as in the cross.”

When God promises that “all things work for the good of those that love him” Steve believes it. Ever since a helicopter picked them out of Kovol a month and a half ago heading straight for the medical clinic, he has been scared it was time to walk a harder road, and now suddenly they are home.

The uncertainty of ‘Can we get home to the UK or not?’, ‘Can we extend our insurance so Gerdine could give birth to the twins in PNG?’, ‘Can we get to Australia if we need to?’ has evaporated and the gut-wrenching fear is a dim memory.

Please pray for Steve, Gerdine and Oscar as they settle back into life in the UK.