To the limit

Simon and Annika Flanagan have been driven to the limits of their strength and wisdom at times. However, it has been stretching and beneficial to walk with God in these times. Pray for them as they seek to depend on God that He will strengthen and continue to shower them with His grace. They are thankful to God for good health and a contented family. Pray that during difficult times they will not see people as obstacles, but as the focus of their ministry.

Pray for the Mengen church to start acting like a loving, unified family. Pray they will take small, deliberate steps to love each other; that the temptations and cultural pressures around them would be overcome by thankfulness for the grace of God to them in Christ. Praise God for encouragements in ministry. They are thankful that God has helped people to humble themselves and see relationships restored. These are no small things.

Praise God for those who are hungry for God’s Word and are committed to His plans for their lives. Pray that their example will be infectious and for leaders to emerge and walk consistently with God, taking clear steps of faith that inspire others.

The Mengen airstrip is closed because of bad weather and a broken lawnmower. Pray for good weather and a solution to getting the grass cut. To fly by helicopter is much more expensive than by plane.

Pray for Simon, Annika and family as they spend a two-week break at the support centre. They have school testing for their kids and hope to spend some good time in fellowship. They are so thankful to the Lord for an excellent support team who are always helpful and work hard to look after them when they go on breaks. Praise God for providing two home-school helpers from Germany for their kids for next year. Pray for them as they work out the details.

Simon and Annika are searching for a family to partner with them to grow the Mengen church and reach out. They praise God for all who support them and pray for them. They need the body and the community and fellowship it brings!