The hottest yet

Bryan and Martha Conard have survived another hot season… their hottest days since moving to Senegal by far. Their kids are back in school full time and continue to amaze them with their French! A long weekend by a pool recently was a needed break and a special time as a family.

They finally had their long awaited language evaluations, which included many different speaking and comprehension activities to push them to their limits. Telling the story of Jesus walking on water, proposing a new programme to church elders and giving advice to someone learning a new language are just a few of the things required.

Their goal is to reach ‘capable high’, which demonstrates the ability to speak and comprehend in a way that makes them ‘insiders’ and not ’outsiders’. They want to be easy to understand. They need to understand easily, without being lost and ‘shut out’ of conversations. This is the minimum before officially engaging in their long-term ministry.

After their evaluations, they were told they are ‘capable low’ and ‘capable mid’. The team of consultants gave them some great helps to implement in the coming months. This means with some more hard work early next year they should hit their goal!

For the coming months, Bryan and Martha are asking the Lord for the focus and diligence. Pray that they stay daily dependent on the Lord and His limitless resources.

Pray that Bryan and Martha could make their language sessions profitable by planning well and applying the things that they learned through their evaluations.

Praise the Lord that all six of those who started together in the French programme progressed!

They would appreciate prayers for continuing involvement in the church as things are opening up. Martha is shared her testimony and a devotional in her ladies group recently.

Bryan has been taking online classes again, working towards a Masters of Divinity. Pray for him as he balances all his responsibilities.

They are always looking to the Lord for wisdom as they disciple their three precious kids’ hearts.