We seldom know all the results and influence of our prayers, acts of kindness, godly character, and giving. Yet, God is bringing others to himself through His people as they live in obedience.

Dave and Fran are utterly convinced that God’s work of making Christ known among the Prai in Southeast Asia Mainland is through the countless faithful believers who in obedience and love have had a part. They have been blessed to watch this take place over the years. They can never thank all who have participated enough, including the many they do not even know.

Recently a Christian medical team volunteered their week-end to serve the Prai in Boot Creek, giving free dental and medical care. It is a difficult journey for those with medical needs in Boot Creek to get to a hospital for treatment. Thank you, Lord for this blessing!

Knife Creek believers continue to take responsibility to teach both adults and children in Sandy Creek, travelling up Saturday afternoon and returning Sunday afternoon. Pray for the spiritual growth in the lives of those who have trusted in Christ in Sandy Creek.

Lord willing this month the Prai conference will go ahead as planned. Please pray for this to be a time of blessing, encouragement and challenge to those attending from the five villages.

God graciously spared the life of a co-workers’, son-in-law. He was in mountains alone after dark, hunting when a dead tree broke and fell on his head. He was knocked unconscious, and his head was split open. After a day and night in ICU, he was in a regular ward a few days and then went to their house co-worker’s village. He will need to travel to the hospital for follow-up doctor visits. Please pray that he may be drawn closer to Jesus through this experience.

For Dave and Fran life continues to be busy with providing teaching materials, mentoring, and equipping Prai Christians. They will spend Christmas and New Year with family. They still hope to travel to the USA in 2021.  Meanwhile they are thankful for internet communication.

Many new missionaries are waiting to travel to the field. Pray for easier entry.