Erwin and Rita are thankful for the Lord’s provision in all areas. They enjoy living in a fully furnished house with a garden and are thankful for their families, friends and church. They are thankful for God’s protection despite Erwin’s car accident in September (on Hanna’s 4th birthday), for Rita’s “easy” pregnancy, for being able to help with refugees and be involved in their home church. In terms of their future in Paraguay, Erwin and Rita are also thankful for being able to purchase their tickets. Lord willing they will leave Germany mid- March.
Having completed their NTM Germany Membership days in September they are now official NTM members!
Erwin is busy preparing sermons, Bible studies, and Sunday school lessons. Other than that he enjoys teaching a German course twice a week to refugees.
Rita’s day consists mainly of caring for the kids and enjoying her pregnancy! She is doing fine and they hope to welcome their third child at the beginning of December.

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