Testify: Amdu

Benjamin and Missy Hatton with Bart and Emily Allen have recently had some sweet opportunities to enjoy testimonies from new believers in Amdu, Papua New Guinea and cannot help sharing them! Thank you for your ongoing prayers for what God is doing.

The Gospel of grace came clearly to the Amdu people for the first time and the Lord is working in the hearts of Amdu men and women!  Many are resting in Christ’s sacrifice alone for the forgiveness of their sins rejoice with them in the miracle that the Lord has done.  On Friday 14th August, the lesson was about the death, burial and resurrection of the Lord Jesus, and Benjamin, Missy, Bart and Emily have been talking one on one and in small groups with those who faithfully came to the ‘Creation to Christ’ Bible teaching. They have been thrilled to hear simple confessions of faith.

One man said, “I’m standing on what Jesus did for me on the cross. Because of Adam I am a broken off branch. But Jesus died for me and took my punishment…”

Another man’s response was, “Yes! I was born a child of Adam and because of that I was a broken off branch from God. But Jesus is the only way…” The tears were flowing as they heard these dear men sharing where their confidence lies. These men are not literate and this is heavy on their hearts. There is a literacy programme in place and the missionaries just need time with people like this, to teach them at their pace. Pray that they will be able to meet these needs!

In another hamlet of six or seven houses, about fifteen minutes’ walk away, two families, faithfully attended the teaching each day. One of the mothers and her grown daughter sat with Benjamin and Missy and said, “God sent Jesus to this earth for the purpose of dying in our place. We are broken off branches from God, born into Adam’s family. Getting baptised or going to church or following God’s ten laws cannot remove the punishment we deserve, which is death. Only Jesus can do that!”

A neighbour was asked, “So do you think that Jesus was only able to pay for some of the punishment you deserve or all of it?” The smile; the glint in the eye; the open faced happiness said it all. “No! He was able to remove it all!” he said. “Just like you will always be your father’s son, you are now the permanent son of God. You won’t become a broken off branch again!”

An older lady who is grinning every time Bart and Emily see her:  “I cannot stop thinking about all you have taught us.  My heart is just so light!”  “Jesus came and died and his blood took away my sin.  I am saying true to that.”

Feast on what God has done and will continue to do in Amdu! Let these testimonies fuel your prayers. Thank you so much for your partnership in this ministry through prayer.

There is a handful who do not quite understand yet, or who hear what God is saying but cannot quite grasp that there is nothing they have to do but accept God’s gift of salvation to be made right in His eyes.  Continued conversations are helping to give clarity.  The next phase of teaching is just what they need to shore up what they have already heard from God’s Word and help the believers to grow in grace and knowledge!

Keep praying for the missionary team as they continue with translation and Bible teaching.  There has been lots of hard work up to now, but in some ways, the work is just beginning. They know there are challenges ahead for these new believers and for them.  The Lord is faithful and He gives strength for each step of the way.  Thank you for your prayers!