Standing firm

Filip and Ane Sivertsen who serve in Greenland ask for prayer for all the Bible lessons that they are teaching and that those who attend will get to know Jesus personally. Pray that God will lead, guide, and give the strength for them to work on getting the lessons written down. Pray for the young people that they will learn to stand strong in their beliefs; and that they will spend more time in God’s Word than on the Internet.

All the Bible studies are going fine. The young people will finish Firm Foundations at the end March and are looking at who people have their focus on. Are they man focused or God focused? Pray that the Lord will give wisdom and guidance for what to teach until the summer.

On Tuesday evenings, the ladies have reached the teaching on the life of Jacob in Firm Foundations. They are happy and faithful to come. Currently there are five to six ladies. Pray that they will continue to attend and that they will get to know God personally.

The Bible group on Saturday afternoons is going through Ephesians, which gives Filip and Ane great joy.

Filip, Ane and their co-worker the Tindalíð are having a great time with a staff couple visiting them from North Cotes this week. They are seeing the work in Greenland and giving input and encouragement to them. The team is aware that they need each other to stand firm together. They have an enemy who is strong and knows where to attack. His name is Satan. He is only trying to split and spoil everything especially the church and families. Pray for unity in the church and in every family there.

As a family they had a great Christmas time in Denmark with friends and family. They had the pleasure of visitors from Norway for a few days and were able to share the Word of God with each other. In addition, they had the opportunity to go to Germany for three days, visit friends, and again be together in God´s Word.

Filip and Ane’s daughter Cecilia is doing well in her second year of college and Kristian still has half a year left at school in Greenland. He is going to do his last exams this summer. Pray that the Lord will be with them and keep them safe in His arms especially when they are together with non-Christian friends.