Second phase  

“E2” – is the second phase of equipping for new missionaries arriving in PNG

When Dave and Emma Moore first arrived in Papua New Guinea they spent their first few months in orientation, adapting to the language and culture. Now they are supporting others through that transition.

Some of the different ways they are involved in supporting people:

  • Providing first aid training
  • Providing childcare during training sessions
  • Co-ordinating their medical care
  • Providing advice about music resources to help a child with speech issues
  • Linking up Growth Groups for ongoing prayer support and encouragement.

Pray for those who attend the recently started Growth group leaders’ training, that they will be equipped to teach and pastor others.

Over Christmas Dave Emma and Joshua are thankful that they were able to take a break by the sea. They shared Christmas dinner with families that are now starting their next step in bush orientation and enjoyed opportunities to get out sailing in a boat that one of their friends had made.

They are thankful for the enjoyment they have from making music with others and friendships that are growing through it and for Joshua’s adaptation to life in PNG and for good friends he has made.

Pray for Dave, Emma and Joshua to keep their focus on the Lord; that His peace would guard their hearts and minds in times of challenge.