Safety in travels

Aaron and Amy Speitelsbach serve God among the Glarro in Liberia, West Africa. They are thankful to the Lord for safe travels over the last couple of weeks, and for their reliable car that He has provided through the giving of many.

Amy had a bad sore throat and was tired and feeling unwell over Christmas, which made their Christmas break in town less restful for her. They praise the Lord that she is much better now.

On returning home, they were busy with minor things in and around the house. They had a bonfire on New Year’s Eve, and invited the kids from Amy’s class to grill hotdogs. Even though they had a good time together playing sardines and grilling the food, it was also sad to watch them when it came to sharing the food. Everyone wanted to make sure he got his share or more! Next time they will definitely approach this differently.

Last weekend Aaron and Amy travelled to Monrovia by road. The road was very bumpy, dry and dusty. Even with closed windows and the air conditioning running, they ended up with a layer of dust on the dashboard. (Everywhere else too.)

They have to renew some paperwork and they will do some supply shopping while they are there. They plan to return via another town to pick up their two barrels from the USA of mostly schoolbooks and head back to the village, where they will continue with their routine jobs again. Pray for safe travels back to the village (about an 18-hour road trip.) Also, pray that they can stay focused on lifting His name up with joy, and not just labouring along.

Recently Amy’s family in the USA have all been unwell and her Dad is now in the hospital. It is hard for them being far away at times like this. Pray for Amy’s Dad and her family, that they will trust God and have a real awareness of His care and presence especially during this time.

Thank you for your prayers for Aaron, Amy and the Glarro.