Paul and Marina Briggs have spent the past month or so among the Loron, in Ivory Coast, West Africa. They have had an encouraging time.

Copies of the translation of the book of First Corinthians have been printed and enthusiastically received by the Loron believers. The translation team has almost completed its checks on Second Corinthians and Galatians in preparation for a final check with a translation consultant. They have now begun working on Ephesians.

Last week they held an intensive three-day seminar with 35 Loron Bible teachers and church leaders focusing on the key points of the book of Romans. They all had a great learning experience together. It was a thrill for Paul and Marina to be part of the seven-man teaching team covering various aspects of the book. Over a dozen Loron churches sent representatives to the seminar, and all the participants returned with a copy of the recently printed commentary of the book of Romans in their language.

Marina has continued to make progress with several of her literacy students, as well as producing more materials for the various classes taking place in different locations.

Paul and Marina are looking forward to a two-week visit to Ivory Coast from their daughter and her family.