At the beginning of January, Jonathan and Dian Langhardt with Benaja and Lukas were happy to arrive on the campus at the Bible and missionary training centre in Asia-Pacific. They were a week ahead of most students, and some of their co-workers. It was good that they arrived during the holidays because they had a lot to do before the school term began. They are thankful for their new home which they have cleaned and furnished and even painted two bedrooms and a bathroom,renewed some mosquito nets, renovated a baby bed for Lukas, purchased a washing machine, made the staircase child safe, shopped, shopped, shopped and so on …


It was hot during the first few days so they were very grateful for the air conditioning in the bedroom, when there were no power cuts! More recently, it has rained a lot every day, so it is no longer as hot. They are thankful for good health although Dian is quite tired.


God has answered prayer giving them peace despite the stress and relocation chaos. The staff at the training centre helped by inviting them to dinner on several occasions before they had set up their own kitchen. A short-term volunteer from Germany, not only helped them with all the practical work at the house, but also drove them to the city to shop and showed them where they could find the items they needed. Pray that they will find a suitable car. A graduate who, after completing his training, joined the staff team also helped them a lot with the painting.

They are grateful to God for the successful completion of the visa process for Jonathan.


They have enjoyed renewing old acquaintances again and are thrilled that they can meet people from different ethnic groups and regions. At present, only the first year of the Bible school and the mission course are represented on the site. The senior students of the Bible school are still in their three months long community practice. Unfortunately, due to a lack of students the second year of the missionary course is not being run.


As a family, they are still settling into life on campus. Jonathan will not teach in Bible school until the beginning of February. His first subject will be ‘the position of the faithful’; looking at the books of Ephesians and Colossians. In the meantime he would like to set up a study so that he can prepare well. Pray for Jonathan’s preparation for classes. 

Dian’s main jobs so far have been cooking, cleaning, tidying and keeping the two boys safe. There is no child care programme. Please pray for wisdom as they hope to start a children’s programme soon.

Pray that Jonathan and Dian would have good relationships with all students and staff.


Benaja and Lukas are doing very well and they are very grateful for that!

Pray for Benaja as he is still a bit overwhelmed when it comes to speaking two languages but has now started to be able to interact and enjoy playing with other children.