Simon and Annika Flanagan with Nya, Noah, Karis, Judah and Ethan have now been in Papua New Guinea for six weeks and they are feeling very settled! Pray for Judah as he has struggled the most. The kids have a routine now, which has helped after about five months of travelling around and waiting for visas. They home-school in the mornings and the rest of the day the kids are outside, until they are called in for supper. They love life in PNG and are doing so well, so thank you for your prayers! Pray for them to balance family time, time with the Lord, school and ministry well.

Simon and Noah had a three-day trip by helicopter into the village to assess the houses and the repairs that need to be done to enable them to live there. The houses need many repairs and their own permanent house needs an extension.

They have had two trips into two churches to meet with Bible teachers from the Mengen church. Also, they went to the church at Ata to meet with leaders from other churches to consult them on some difficulties facing the Mengen church.

Early next week they will go as a family to their Mengen home to clean and fix things up, as much as possible, to enable them to move in at the end of March. Their house extension will be started but not completed. They have to fix their solar, water and waste systems as well as patch up some of the houses and treat some termite infestations.

Pray for the church as the first believer’s funeral will be conducted and mourned by the church in the way they choose (his close family are all believers) on Friday. Pray for the family to stand on the truth of God’s Word and promises. Pray for comfort.

Simon and Annika are thankful for times of great encouragement spent with Mengen brothers as they have come out to help with translation spell check. Their faith and excitement over God’s Word is refreshing. Praise God for much exposure to the Mengen language even though they are at the mission centre.

In the midst of encouraging times they have walked into a church that is in need of discipleship, teaching and a shepherd. Pray for wisdom in knowing how to grow and disciple the church as well as how and when to engage in new church plants.

Pray for Simon, Annika and the kids to settle well into the upcoming challenges of moving to a new home. Initially they will move into another house whilst they work on their own house and hope to have it ready with extra bedrooms by the end of May. They will be ripping all of the wood by chainsaw etc. so please pray for safety and energy.

Thank you so much for your prayers and partnership in the Gospel.