When Benjamin and Missy Hatton look back at the year-plus, that they have spent in the USA, they are thankful for all that God has enabled them to experience and accomplish.  They went through a major recalibration of their family life, but in it all they have been refreshed and they are returning to Amdu in Papua New Guinea rejoicing.

They have been immeasurably refreshed by abundant time spent with their families.  From reunions to simple meals shared together, Benjamin and Missy have soaked up so many good moments with their parents and siblings, and their children and it has been so good for their souls.

Another way they were refreshed was through the ministry of their local church to both them, and their children. The young people at their church accepted their kids immediately into their friendship and Benjamin and Missy loved watching them develop great relationships this year.  They attended a small group as often as they were available and new, significant relationships were formed.

For the past year, they have been getting used to the new reality of having only four Hattons under their roof. Judah and Gianna spent their first year “on their own” attending Ethnos360 Bible Institute. It was good for them to be in the USA during this time of massive transition and change for their eldest two. They have been able to give them space to grow, and at the same time have been close enough for timely visits.

As they return to PNG Benjamin and Missy trust that God’s grace will be sufficient for all of them.  They are grateful for all that  they have learned this year, and for the wonderful people God has put in their lives to support their family. Pray for Judah and Gianna especially, that they would rely on God as they take on more responsibility for themselves.

In the year that they have been gone, their co-workers Bart and Emily Allen have been discipling the Amdu church. One of the key ways they did this was to teach the believers through the book of Romans. Follow this link to hear some of their friends talking about what they have learned during their time studying Romans. Hearing what they had to say made Benjamin and Missy’s hearts sing and gives them the purpose they need to return, rejoicing.

Benjamin and Missy rejoice over all that God is accomplishing in Amdu hearts through His Word!  They rejoice because of ministry partners who have refreshed them with their love and generosity. Thank you for supporting them and praying for them as they say goodbye to their kids and return to PNG and the Amdu church.

Please continuing to uphold the Amdu church in your prayers. Benjamin and Missy’s desire is for a thriving church for the Amdu people.  Rejoice with them in celebrating their growth and the promise of Jesus to finish the work He has started in them!