Do you sometimes feel that the burdens and the routine of everyday life rob you of the joy and the strength that you have through your relationship with the Lord? Ralf and Elli know this from their own lives and also see it in the lives of the young Dinangat believers. We all know a lot and have heard a lot, but is God’s Word really part of our lives? Does it change the individual aspects of our daily lives?
Ralf and Elli felt that a new refreshing Bible study of the foundations of our faith would be a good thing for anyone who had been walking with God for a while. And that is just what they started doing in the Dinangat churches a couple of weeks ago. The topic is “Walking in the Spirit.” The Bible teachers are excited and they are also learning to write the Sunday lessons on their own with the only helps being the topic, the Scripture passage and the different aspects of the passage. Ralf explains the different Scripture passages and discusses it with the Bible teachers. For the next two months, these lessons will be really challenging for the teachers, but they are already working hard on the lessons. The topics are mostly taught from Romans and Ephesians and will help them to stand stronger in their position in Christ and also to be guided by the Holy Spirit living within.
So far the church has heard two sermons on Romans chapter six. The first one was okay but it was pretty obvious that writing sermons is a new experience. The second one was already much better. The first six lessons are going to be about foundational and positional truths and the following lessons will be about how to live practically with the Holy Spirit’s daily leading. In the ladies’ meetings on Thursday, the women review those Scriptures again and talk about its application for their own personal lives as women, wives and mums. Ralf and Elli and the Bible teachers want to speak clearly into the specific problems and challenges of the Dinangat daily lives. They talk about how people are still inclined to believe that problems come up because of upset dead ancestors or how they keep themselves shamefully away from Christian gatherings because of trouble in their families. They will also talk about problems like pornography (yes, unfortunately that is even a problem now in PNG) and adultery or simply reteach the important foundations of a healthy marriage, child raising and unity in the body of Christ.

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