The three Sorimi language helpers flew out to Wewak and another two helpers joined Poul Joensen to work alongside him on translation drafts of 2 Corinthians and 1 John. These two books are often found to be harder ones to translate so the progress is a bit slow but everyone is doing well with it. One of the men was unwell for part of the first week with a stomach bug then malaria but he is well now. After working hard during the day, they have good times of conversation and fun in the evenings together.

The two men fly back to Sorimi at the end of the month and Poul will begin his return trip to UK. Poul will overnight in Port Moresby, then at the airport he will get his Covid test prior to his flight home. Pray that all will go well with his travel.

Poul and Carol have so much to thank God for over these past months. Please continue to pray for good health among them all and no other disturbances, so that they can have a profitable final week of work.
Poul and Carol are really looking forward to some time together to relax and catch up on much news!