Preparing to serve

It is with thankfulness, that Ben and Wina Hansen, who serve in Germany at the mission Head Office, report that this year 25 young people will be serving in short-term missions. As they are not able to send any of them to England this year, a number of them will go to Brazil, Asia -Pacific and Papua New Guinea. They are grateful to God to be able to get to know their individual stories and to be able to walk alongside them for a while. It is motivating for Ben and Wina too when people are so on fire for the Lord.

Pray with them for the PFO (Pre-Field Orientation) that will takes place this week. It is the first time that they are completely responsible for the whole week (before it always took place at North Cotes. There are four of them in the short-term team so they cannot manage this week alone, they are grateful for help in the kitchen, guest house, with the lectures (which are partly streamed from England and Croatia), and also with the cleaning afterwards. At events like this, Ben and Wina always realise what a great team they are privileged to work with. Pray also for the content of this week. Their desire is to prepare the short-term members as well as possible for their time overseas, but also to make them aware of how important it is to live in dependence on God. Pray for good talks, lectures, implementation, and for health for this week.

Shortly after the PFO, Ben, Wina and son Noah, will be on their way to the USA! They are really looking forward to the time together with Ben’s family and their supporting church! Please pray that things work out well with the flights and for the Lord’s blessing on the time together with family and friends.