Opposition to Acceptance!

We have an exciting update to the situation Geoff Husa reported on in the last update about the Mibu outreach! Despite opposition, the teachers continued to make the trips to keep developing the Gospel message to those who still wanted to hear.

Well you prayed, and the Lord worked amazingly, as He always does! It was reported to Geoff and Shannon that the main instigator of the opposition (along with those following his lead) continued to attend the teaching. Whether his motivation was to be present in order to oppose, or maybe his conscience being pricked by the Holy Spirit compelled him to keep listening, he and the others continued to attend the daily lessons. When the teachers finally got to the point of teaching about Jesus’ life, death and resurrection, he was moved to the point of tears! When Jesus’ story was presented, he must have seen all the pieces come together in and put His trust in Him! He broke down in tears publicly and announced his faith in Jesus while also saying how sorry he was for opposing them so strongly! God is the one who works in peoples’ hearts!

Originally, they could only report somewhat ambiguously that a small handful of people were left looking to Jesus. However, recently it has been reported that at least 62 people are new Christians! What a praise and a reminder that we cannot take for granted whose heart God will move in!

Another area where the Mibu church did an outreach a couple years ago is experiencing God at work too with a fledgling church continuing to receive teaching and growing in their faith. They too are not immune to opposition. One family there has remained opposed to the teaching. Mibus are concerned that they will discourage other villages’ willingness to hear the Gospel message. Please be in prayer for this situation. This is not beyond God’s control or ability!

Please continue to pray for the ever growing number of believers in the Mibu area; for the testimony of the church, the teachers taking the Word to various places, for hardened hearts to be changed. Thank you so very much for your role in the Mibu ministry as you faithfully pray!