Opportunity to minister

Whilst Liam, Ellen, and family wait for the opportunity to leave for their field of ministry they have returned to the church that they had been serving with for two and a half years during their training at North Cotes College – Liam was involved in the youth ministry. For the next nine months or so, Liam will be working in the church with youth and families, focusing on helping them through this tough Covid time, and building a good foundation for moving forward.

The job officially started on the 1st of November. They are so excited at this opportunity to continue the ministry that they had there, and to continue the relationships they made over the years.

They were able to find a new house relatively quickly in a perfect location – its right in the estate by the church that will be their ‘mission field’ for this time. It has plenty of space for home schooling and they are so grateful that it even has a nice garden.

Liam and Ellen were incredibly touched by the number of people who practically supported them through the move. They were even able to attend one final Sunday service and youth meeting before the UK went back into full lockdown again last week – God has such good timing! Although they are frustrated at being locked down again, they know that this is exactly where God wants them for this time, so they trust that He will be using it, even if it is not what they imagined.

Liam is figuring out how to work under the new restrictions – it is not what they hoped, but God is showing him many ways he can reach the families and young people through these tough times.

Ellen has settled back into home schooling again, a bit of a juggle with new routines in a new place, but the kids really seemed to enjoy getting back into it.