New arrivals

September was a very special and beautiful month for Boris and Valentina Bergen with Benaja, Phil Noah and Zea. Valentina’s sister and husband visited and spent most of the month with them. They were able to experience Boris and Valentina’s everyday home life and the life, land and people around them. Then they spent a few days together on the beach and in Manila.

They needed to visit the German Embassy in Manila for Zea’s passport so were able to combine the trip. Everything went well and their little girl is now in possession of a passport. Now all they have to do is work on her visa. They hope there will be no more paperwork and related trips to Manila for the time being.

They are very grateful to God that home schooling is going very well too.

Several new families have recently arrived to the field. Please pray for them that they will get along well and that it may slowly but surely become ‘a home’ for both parents and children.

The first new missionary family is finished with the initial renovation to their home and have already started language study!

Boris and Valentina are grateful to God that they were able to show the second family that arrived a few houses available for rent. They quickly decided on one and Boris was able to help with the setting up of the lease and help with the renovation.

Next week another family arrives. They plan to manage and help in the guesthouse for four years. Even though they will live at the guesthouse, Boris and Valentina will help them to get there and find their way around. Pray that they can quickly get used to their new environment and roles.

Next summer three groups want to visit the Philippines. Pray for wisdom in the planning and for the staff who assist Boris and Valentina in carrying out these stays. Pray for them as a family too, that they will not overloaded! They would like someone to travel with them to help with childcare whilst they are running these trips!

Life is busy, but Boris and Valentina feel that they are in exactly the right place and doing the task that God has just for them.