Needs met

Last month Boris and Valentina Bergen with Benaja, and Phil Noah were mainly busy with ‘arriving’ back in the Philippines. Their internet had to be re-registered, bankcards needed to be renewed and some of their home appliances needed replacing. All this took much longer than in their home country Germany.

They are especially grateful to many who heard about the need for home appliances and generously helped them out, so that they now have a working washing machine and oven. They are encouraged to see how the body of Christ cares for each other.

God has also provided for them in an unexpected way. Even though they needed a car for Boris’s work and so that Valentina can be mobile when Boris is on a trip, they just did not know how it would be possible.

However, God knows about all these things. A missionary family (who need to stay in their homeland for longer) asked them if we wanted to ‘look after’ their car. This is of course a temporary solution and yet a solution that even came before their baby, for which they are grateful!

Boris was also able to help fellow missionaries last month. It was a real blessing for him to work with local Christians and they hope that this action opens the door to another village. It was a blessed week seeing God at work.

They are very happy that Boris was able to help with his practical skills and knowledge … But they are also very happy for his return.

They thank God for new missionaries arriving in the middle of the year.

Please pray for:

  • The boys to continue to settle in and learn the language again
  • Valentina’s pregnancy, the heat and humidity often mean she often feels bad, limp and dizzy
  • For wisdom in planning for a group travelling to the Philippines in June from the USA for a short-term trip
  • Their co-worker who is still working on the translation of ‘Built on solid ground’ materials.