Missionary training in Bolivia

A medical doctor in training, a hospital nurse, an x-ray technician, an itinerant dentist, a secretary, a
teacher and an accountant represent some of the former professions of the current students at the
national missionary training programme in Bolivia. Over these past three weeks, Mike and Cher
Riepma have been impressed by their strong commitment to prepare for future ministry among the
unreached and learn all they can.

It has been a true joy for them to get to know each one on a very personal level having meals
together, sharing their experiences of being among the Ese Ejja people, playing volleyball each
afternoon and teaching in some of their classes. For the advanced class Mike and Cher were their
language helpers (to learn English), as they put into practice the techniques learned for acquiring a
new language. Needless to say, this challenge brought lots of laughs and frustrations too, as they
tried to speak correctly and transcribe the short audible texts that they spoke.

They have also been able to share in the local churches they attend each weekend to challenge the
believers for missions. Their nine days in an Ese Ejja village were so encouraging to them before
they flew out to the city. They thank the Lord for giving them three wonderful weeks together with
the staff and students.

This week Lord willing, they will be flying back to the city and getting supplies for their return home.
They also plan to spend some days visiting with the four Ese Ejja families who are preparing for
service in their village churches at the Swiss Mission Bible Institute. Two of those families are from a
very remote village that Mike and Cher have never been able to visit. Pray for these families to
grow in their understanding of God’s grace, and to learn all they can. Having all the classes in Spanish
is a huge challenge for them, so they hope to be an encouragement and clear up any confusion they
may have.

Mike and Cher’s co-workers will be representing the training centre in a multi- denominational
conference for missions in Bolivia. Continue to pray that the Ese Ejja church will stand for truth and
impact their villages. They ask prayer for safety in all the travel in the coming days.
May God inspire Mike and Cher each day to press on in His name. Thank you for your faithful prayers.