Mission focused

Although Jack Douglas is retired and living with family in the USA his heart and focus is still mission orientated. He really misses being involved in mission work and takes as many opportunities as possible to stay involved.

Recently Jack’s church had a Global Outreach weekend for the young people. He had a table with materials available and was able to chat with some of the youngsters. Pray that hearts will have been touched. He was also able to offer to be available to help in any other mission events and had some good conversations with a few folks.

He has created some interest about missions in the adult Sunday school class he teaches. Even though they are all older folk, he hopes it will begin to influence others and lead to opportunities to share the need for labourers.

Currently Jack is in touch with personnel at the USA mission headquarters in Sanford, Florida about reprinting the Pawaia New Testament. The believers are going on well, and have asked for more literacy materials, copies of Genesis and some New Testaments to be printed. All the files for the New Testament are at the headquarters and he can make some corrections. The printing will be on slightly larger pages so there will need to be some reformatting. Jack’s desire would be that he could go back to Papua New Guinea and do a full revision, but he says “…that doesn’t seem likely at my age. Others have done some work like that over the internet, but my people are too isolated for that…” The Lord knows.