Masters gained

David and Chris Price were grateful to have the opportunity to share the Christmas story with the children at their local church’s playgroup. The children appeared to take in quite a few of the details of the story, which was a big encouragement. Please pray that the parents will be faithful to bring their children along to the playgroup in the New Year so that they can hear more about who Jesus is and His wonderful gift of salvation. Continuity in any aspect of life in Asia-Pacific is difficult due to so many different factors but especially at harvest or planting time when the younger children are taken to the fields for the day if there is no-one at home to look after them.

Chris’s big news this month is that she passed her dissertation, which means that she will receive an MSc in Wound Healing and Tissue Repair from Cardiff University. This has been a long journey over the past three years juggling course work with all the different aspects that make up life in Asia-Pacific. They are both very grateful to the Lord for His provision of both finances and the mental and physical stamina to see it through to the end.

The MSc should help to form the basis for a visa for Chris to work in the Nursing School when they return from their home assignment in 2020. Since finishing the coursework Chris has enjoyed being able to spend more time helping with the wound care.

A big praise report is the addition of a nurse to work alongside the one who has faithfully worked in the wound care team for the past four years.

A project that Chris has been working on for a number of years is the development of worksheets to be used with the students when they are in placement in the wound care clinic. To Chris’s delight, they are being used to supplement the students learning when the patient list has finished. Chris’s aim is to make herself redundant; training and enabling the local nurses to the point where they are able to function with only minimal or no input from Chris. God is faithful.

David is continuing to collate all the information to apply for a short-term visa in order to be able to accompany Chris on the UK part of their home assignment in 2019.

Chris continues to enjoy helping lead the weekly Bible study for ladies. As they will be leaving for home assignment at the beginning of May. Please pray for wisdom as they decide whom to ask to join her in leading the group.

Thank you once again for your faithfulness in prayer and support for David and Chris.