Looking to return

Richard and Carmen Gappmayr and family, have been in Austria, on home assignment for the last eight months. After initial troubles in settling and adjusting to a very different life than in the Philippines, they have had an encouraging, insightful and rewarding time. Despite several lock-downs, the Lord has allowed them to enjoy fellowship with their sending church nearby in Vienna, at times remotely and at other times face to face. God has also enabled Carmen to get to know people in the area and share Christ with them. Recently she started a little kids’ programme at a local playground, which finishes this week.

In the last few weeks, they have been able to travel and visit family, friends and churches, that have supported them for a long time. They are thankful that restrictions eased enough for them to make this trip!

Now in their final week in Austria, they are busy organising, packing, and cleaning to get ready for their final trip to Germany, where they will spend the next few weeks in Carmen’s home city. Their departure date for their return to the Philippines is scheduled for mid-July. After their arrival, they will need to quarantine for ten days in a hotel in Manila, before they can continue their journey to Davao, their final destination.

Richard and Carmen are thankful and praise the Lord for all the things He has taught them during home assignment and the fellowship that they were able to enjoy, despite restrictions.

Pray that their transition to the Philippines will go smoothly. Restrictions have been tightened again due to the pandemic, pray that the county will remain open for them to enter. Pray that they might find their peace and joy in the Lord who is the solid rock, especially during times of transition and “changing of worlds.” Moving back to the Philippines is always filled with mixed emotions and challenges. Even though they have done this several times now, it is always difficult.

Thank you for your prayers.