Looking to return

Simon and Annika Flanagan with Nya, Noah and Karis, praise God as three other villages in the Mengen are asking for missionaries to share the Gospel with them. In one of villages where people were previously very antagonistic to the Gospel, a large scale measles outbreak has disillusioned villagers in the shamans’ powers. Sadly, around twenty-five children and elderly died in one village; they are asking regularly for Bible teachers to teach them about God.
Pray for two believers who are short on food and resources as they work in these new villages. Pray they will trust in God and the church in the main village would help them out more consistently.
There are not enough trained and mature teachers to send out to all of the villages that are asking for the Gospel. Pray for more bible teachers to be trained up; pray for faithfulness in their walk.
Pray for the church planting team: Keri, one of the main translators, has had to go home permanently to look after her mother and father. The Wrights will be going home in January to look after their children who are all in Canada.
Simon is involved in several projects while they are still on home assignment; CCC café conversion in their church, Logos weekend away ( teaching at a Student weekend), teaching at the NTM Reach conference in the new year and taking meetings at other churches. Pray that both Simon and Annika can give their time and energy to these things in a productive and fruitful way.
Annika is in much better health these days, just in time for Christmas baking which is in full swing! Thanks to all who prayed for her.
Karis has a reasonably bad cold and is doing really well! This helps Simon and Annika to see how she copes with infections and she is doing rather well. She is trotting around the house wrecking things, so they are on the right track! They have had a letter back from Karis’s consultant team who have endorsed their return to PNG and happy for them to return any time after her next appointment in January. They have said she is at very little risk of needing any emergency care related to her operation and they believe she will cope with any infections as a normal child would. They are thinking of aiming at a return to PNG sometime this coming summer.
Pray for Simon and Annika as they seek to get the right advice and information to their field leaders and doctors in PNG. Also pray God would give them His wisdom as they come together in unity over the process of their return.

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