Looking to return

Alessandro and Chantal Parrillo, work among the K…… people in Guinea.

They praise the Lord for the printing of Genesis and the New Testament in K…… last year.

They have been on home assignment but are now preparing to return to Guinea in February. Please pray that Alessandro soon receives his permanent resident card for Canada, which they must receive before leaving. They have booked book their airline tickets. Pray for them as they travel.

They are so thankful for Chantal’s parents who are planning to visit them for four to five months to help them.

Pray that on their return to Guinea they will make continued progress in culture and language study and that their language helper will be able to continue helping them. Also, pray for them as a family as they adjust back to life in the village and that they will continue to make progress in building relationships.

Help is needed with the children’s care and education in order to give Alessandro and Chantal more time for language and culture study and translation. Pray that the Lord will provide for this need.

The team would appreciate prayer for wisdom as they prepare for beginning the Bible teaching among the K…… people.