Light in the darkness

Christoph, Susanna, and family have been living in Asia-Pacific for almost nine months but this month they have become more aware of the great darkness that surrounds them. Again and again, they are filled with gratitude to be able to believe in the one true God.

Their language and cultural studies are approaching an end. This means that they are slowly beginning to ask themselves where God wants to continue to use them. They desire to visit the three regions that they have to choose from to get a clearer picture of the work. In particular, the culture is VERY different between the many islands.

In March, Christoph took a trip to another island with three other men. Their first stop was the area where the mission’s Bible and mission school is located. People come here from very different regions of Indonesia to spend the first two years studying God’s Word and a further two years doing missionary training. Many of them go back to their own people group to serve in their home church, others go to another people group to work in missions and translation. All by God’s grace.

They then visited the Wana people group and spent five nights there. They were warmly welcomed and looked after by local believers. It gave a good insight into the work. Life is very simple – no running water, and electricity only in the evening.

They were able to attend a conference, where believers from different communities in the area, even from different ethnic groups attended. Some of them did not even understand the tribal language of the Wana but for them the fellowship with other believers was simply important.

Every morning, they studied Joshua chapter five. In the afternoon, the elders of the churches met to discuss various things. Topics included challenges and decisions on how to reach surrounding villages with the Gospel.

In the evening there was a short biblical input and reports from the churches about their current ministries, be it youth work or practical work. All in all, it was a very blessed time and encouraging to have fellowship with brothers and sisters from Asia-Pacific.

This month, they will travel as a whole family to a different area. Susanna will spend a week with the children in the guest house, while Christoph will once again travel with a small group to look at a specific work that urgently needs workers.

In between their travels their days are filled with language lessons, spending time with the children, meeting friends, going for walks in the neighbourhood, going on excursions at weekends and going to church, etc. A particular highlight was welcoming another family at the end of February. They had studied at North Cotes with this family, and they have now also started their language and cultural studies.

Thank you for your prayers!

They are thankful …

… that they can believe in the one God who has given everything in His Son Jesus Christ.

… for the opportunity to visit other regions in order to get a better picture of the work.

… for protection and good insights into the ministry on the island they visited.

… for dear friends especially for the children.

Please pray…

… that God enlightens the darkness around them!

… for protection and good insights into the ministry in another area.

… for wisdom in deciding where they should continue to work.

… that they can reflect God’s wonderful character in their interactions with the people around them, but especially with their children (love, patience, kindness, goodness…), so that they too put their trust completely in this one God!

… for deep friendships with nationals. Unfortunately, one family that they were privileged to call friends moved away in February.