Light in the darkness

Before Christmas Axel and Sandra attended the ‘Team Translation Workshop’ in Madang. Once back in the Pal village they were finally able to put up some Christmas decorations. Friends from Germany sent them a traditional hanging paper star with a light in it to illuminate their living room each night.
The warm light reminded Axel and Sandra of how much they long for a light in the darkness and how much they need it. Whenever they step out of their house at night there are no lights for as far as the eyes can see; not in the valley that spreads to one side of the mountain or to the other side where the mountains rise high into the night sky (exceptions are a flashlight here and there). The only light clearly visible from afar is coming from their own house which stands on a high mountain ridge.
Sometimes Axel and Sandra feel like they really are the only ones with light in Pal. But that is not true! Over a year ago the light of the Gospel came to the mountains of Pal and has been shining ever since in the hearts and lives of the ones who accepted Jesus as their Saviour. As Axel and Sandra look back at the first year of the Pal church, they are not alone!
Axel and Sandra want to thank you for your part in this work. Thank you for your prayers on behalf of the Pal. Because of the care of the body of Christ in the world, Axel and Sandra are able to serve in the Pal tribe in PNG. As a family they have been blessed with all the things that they need and even more. A big thank-you goes also to the team of missionaries in PNG as well as in Germany who dedicate their time to serve tribal missionaries like them.
One more thing to thank the Lord for is that Axel passed his last CLA check and is now ministry approved! That is a miracle in Axel and Sandra’s eyes. Axel will now be able to serve the young Pal church more efficiently.

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