Lamogai News

Jan and Annette Wols are thankful that they arrived at the mission centre in New Ireland before the first of their co-workers returned. One family was visiting their church before returning to their ministry in the highlands. The second family returned from home assignment and went through a two-week quarantine (as Jan and Annette did). They arrived at the centre to prepare to go to their language group and continue culture and language study, in order to teach them the Word of God in their own language.

The third family will be arriving in PNG this month. They will be out of quarantine and ready to go at the beginning of February.

Jan and Annette are so pleased to assist the families in the work, to see Christ’s church planted and established in the different language groups of New Ireland. A couple from PNG and some others looked after the centre for the time they were in the Netherlands. They found things as they expected, many things needing attention, maintaining or repairing.

They were also able to assist a church leader and family with lodgings and medical-aid-materials for their daughter who became handicapped because of a recent car accident. After resting, organising and stocking up on supplies, the family were able to return to their mission post out in the bush, a five-hour drive away.

Via the two-way radio and their co-workers in Hoskins, Jan and Annette received a report of groups of Lamogai church leaders going round to other churches to help and encourage them. In addition, church leaders from other language groups are doing the same. It is encouraging for them to see how the church cares and feels responsible for each other in this way. They praise the Lord for the great team around them who make it possible for them to continue the work in Papua New Guinea and for Lamogai.

Lord willing, more co-workers will be returning to the mission field in the coming months. Pray for them as they try to find, good, safe, do-able and affordable ways to return to the work the Lord has called them. Pray for Jan and Annette to be able to assist them in their work.