Just plans

Aaron and Amy are members of the missionary team serving God among the Glarro in Liberia, West Africa. They are currently on home assignment in the USA.

Since her surgery four weeks ago, Amy’s strength has continually improved. She is still sore but that is to be expected and she is not expected to be ‘back to normal’ for another two weeks. Thankfully, she has now recovered from a bout of malaria.

Aaron was invited to preach in different churches the past two Sundays. He is speaking in another church this coming Sunday. He is thankful to the Lord for helping him to prepare and preach the sermons.

Pray that God may use them during this time in America and that they can be an encouragement and help to people around them, as they look to serve Him. Their flight tickets that they had purchased for Germany in mid-July were cancelled. They plan to book with another airline and leave for Germany early August and from there return to Liberia mid-August.

Their co-workers the Burkheads are scheduled to fly out of Liberia to the USA next month. Pray for safety in travel. They plan to meet together as a whole team with their other team member at the end of July.

Aaron and Amy dropped off a 55-gallon barrel filled with children’s books for shipping to Liberia. They are thankful to everybody who helped fill it. Pray that the barrel will get there before them, or right when they return to Liberia, so that they can take it to the village with them.
They already have more books on hand to be shipped and plan to send those off to Liberia in another barrel by mid-July.

Thank you for praying for the Glarro and the missionary team.