Just listen to God

Aaron and Amy Speitelsbach recently spent a week in Monrovia, picked up their new vehicle (it runs great!) bought a lot of supplies, and got back in the village just in time for their church planting consultant to arrive. Their co-workers, the Burkheads, arrived back in the village the day after them.

Aaron spent last week working intensely with the church planting consultant, checking and revising the first Bible lesson, and discussing the lessons that follow. He was able to give Aaron a lot of direction and tips in going forward with developing Glarro Bible lessons.

Amy came down with malaria while they were in Monrovia, but was mostly back to full strength by the time they were back in the village.

She was also able to comprehension check Aaron’s first two lessons before they headed to Monrovia and was encouraged by the Glarro checkers response. They said, “So, we just need to forget about all the ideas people make up and say this and that, and just listen to God’s Word to hear what He says.”

They are thankful for the strength He gave them for these past two weeks, which were pretty intense, filled with a lot of work, both mental and physical and not much rest in between. Thankfully, at the end of the consultant visit they were able to stay with friends in a different town and have a bit of a break.

Pray for the Burkheads as they get back into home schooling and language learning. Also for their other co-worker as she continues work on translation.

Pray that God will be working in the hearts of those who are hearing the truths of God’s Word by helping Aaron to make lessons in Glaro and for the finalisation of the first few Bible lessons. They are important in the sense that many people later will decide after hearing those first lessons, if they will continue to listen to more Bible lessons.