One of Regina’s goals for her time in Dakar is to integrate better into her host church. When the opportunity arose to take a three-day course on the Thompson Study Bible, she immediately registered. Almost fifty Bible teachers from different churches spent the whole day studying a few key words from the Bible. It was quite exhausting, but also very enriching.

She also took the opportunity to visit her friends in a village three hours from the capital by public transport and right in the first hour they had an accident. Thank the Lord nobody was hurt. They had to wait longer for the next minibus, during this time the mosquitoes had a ‘feast’ on her legs; countless bites. The visit became physically quite exhausting; it took twice as long to get to the village, and all that in the heat. However, seeing her friends was worth it. Please pray that her friends will desire to know God.

In Dakar she was able to renew some old contacts and meet others for the first time, such as her new language helper, with whom she plans to study next year to improve her level of French.

Regina’s visa application, Covid test and flight to Guinea went incredibly smoothly. It took her three days to get to the village. There was not much time for her to settle in, because home schooling had already started. The boys she is helping are in 6th and 8th grade (UK years 7 & 9). The good thing is that she already knows the family and gets along well with the boys. However, most of the schoolbooks are still missing. They are stuck somewhere in Senegal, waiting for the border to open. Please pray that they will receive the books very soon. Pray for Regina too, that she will be able to cope with the new rhythm of life and the task and that she will be able to use the resources in the village, including her own personal resources such as strength, time, etc. The contrast between the life in the capital and in the village is huge, but Regina especially enjoys the different sounds and the green surroundings. Pray that she can be a blessing.