In His hands

Anna Ciociola is thankful for the few opportunities to visit three churches before she leaves Italy for West Africa. She is excited to go back. Anna says, “The Lord has been good to me! He is more than we can imagine and He does more than we can even think! It has been a pleasure to share about God, but also about His faithfulness: when He starts something He brings it to completion!”

PRAY that she will travel without problems, no cancellations, no delays!

PRAY for her goodbyes to family, friends and those in the churches she has visited.

PRAY that Anna can also spend time with her older sister and her family, God willing they are travelling from the States this month and the hope to spend ten days together.

PRAY for the vaccine situation, she is not sure if she will get one before leaving. God knows if she needs it or not, Anna will do what she can and leave the rest in God’s hands.