House in the Jungle

Since November, last year Tony and Lina Keller with Levin, Chloé and Lias have organised and ordered all sorts of things (wood, building supplies, workers, etc.) They learnt a lot during this process!

On the 4th March, they finally started to build their house in the village where they will serve among the Bukets of Asia-Pacific!

Tony has learnt how to steer the boat to the tribe all by himself, a three to four hour journey. Therefore, they should now be able to reach the tribe on their own. They hope their house will be finished within two months. Please pray for a successful construction and that they will be able to navigate the ‘cultural hurdles’. During this whole process, Tony and Lina are trying to keep their priorities right. They want to put their relationship with the Bukets, above the house construction! At the moment they mainly live in town Tony will have to travel back and forth, in order to oversee the construction. This means they will have a few more overnights in the village.

Next month they will be returning to Germany for their first home assignment!  They are all very excited/curious – but also slightly afraid, because for at least three of them, Germany will be ‘quite foreign’! They will probably be in Germany for the entire first school term, which means until the end of January 2020. Pray for good mental preparation, especially the children.

Tony and Lina are expecting a new family member at the end of August. Lina is six months pregnant! They are all very excited about it – but nobody can top Chloé’s excitement. She is over the moon excited and cannot wait to finally hold a real baby in her arms. Pray for an unproblematic pregnancy and safe delivery.

Five months ago they moved to a town nearer the village. Levin and Chloé no longer go to a national school/nursery and Lias enjoys being able to play together with them all day long, not just in the afternoons.

Pray for Tony and Lina as they develop and maintain their relationship with the Bukets.

During the time before home assignment, Tony will be on the go a lot and will ride the boat up and down the river all by himself. He would appreciate prayer for safety and stamina. Also, pray for Lina and the children, who will often be by themselves.

Pray that they would have joyful and satisfied hearts that will seek the Lord in everything.