For Ben and Wina, home is a place where they can rest, relax and just be themselves. This can be various places, their apartment or even simply people with whom we feel at home.
Through their many moves they are reassured to know that, through all the changes, they are always “at home” with God!

Since they have committed to a minimum of two years at the NTM Germany headquarters, it’s good for Ben and Wina to know that they can settle down and really be at home. In the last months, Noah has asked repeatedly how long they will stay in Hückeswagen. They have been able to tell him again and again that they will stay for “a very long time”.

Daily routine has finally returned. Noah has been attending a “forest kindergarten” for a few weeks now. Every morning they go into the woods to explore. 🙂 He enjoys it and Ben and Wina are very thankful to God for the dear believers that are leaders of his kindergarten group.

Ben has already settled into his job pretty well, including getting ever more used to his responsibilities in the Short-Term Ministries department. A highlight in this area was being able to spend a week at NTM in North Cotes with all the volunteers who will be/are already ministering on the different fields in a “short-term” capacity. Ben and Wina are really thankful for the opportunity to have a part in this ministry and through that, to continue working toward the goal of reaching the unreached with the Gospel.

Just recently Ben and Wina heard from a missionary family with three children in Indonesia. They are learning the tribal language, translating the Bible and involved in church planting there. A Christian young person from their home country spent the better part of a year with them in the tribe to help with home schooling the children. This was a huge help to the family as it freed up the wife to invest a lot more time into language/culture study and the ministry. It’s encouraging for Ben and Wina to know that their work in the office is a help to the missionaries on the field in enabling them to be more effective in the work God has given them to do.

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