He is faithful

Twenty-five years ago – January 19, 1996 David and Christine Baxter landed on the mission field of Panama for the first time as a newlywed couple.

They are so thankful to the Lord for His faithfulness over all these years of ministry together. And they would not be able to keep ministering if it were not for all those who faithfully pray for them and financially support their ministries. Thank you all, very much!

Now, back to 2021 and a few highlights from this month as they serve at the mission school in Mexico.

It was quite a big job for David and his local workers to restore the school heating system once they returned from Christmas break, involving hours of troubleshooting and labour. (David and Christine were able to spend time with daughters Abby and Sarah and all their California family over the Christmas holidays. The Lord blessed them with a happy, healthy time together and a safe trip back home.) Christine, for one, is truly thankful for the warm workspace. Thank you for your prayers for wisdom for David and his team as they tackle these types of projects and many more.

For now, it is back to online teaching so Christine has set up her workspace in her warm classroom. DNA to simple machines to the respiratory system to plants…four classes and four fun topics! It would be a lot more fun if the kids were at school. Pray that sometime soon they will actually be able to return to in-person classes. Thank you for your prayers!