He is faithful

Tim and Lynsey’s most urgent need was for more assistance in language‐learning. Portuguese at first appears to be a straightforward language, but although they had been given a language helper who tried her very best to assist them, their understanding and knowledge seemed only to have diminished.
Tim and Lynsey had to really seek the Lord to find someone who: was available on a daily basis, knew good English to assist them in understanding the language better, was able to be flexible in the many daily (often last minute) changes that occur in Brazilian life, was well accustomed to the public transport system, could navigate the streets around them and was Brazilian themselves, in order to help teach Tim and Lynsey accurately about proper pronunciation and their own culture first-hand.
Amazingly ALL of these requests were answered in one person whose dad originated from Leeds and had met his wife whilst at NTM Bible College when it was at Matlock! Two weeks ago Tim and Lynsey began a few trial language sessions to see if this was a viable option, and they were not disappointed.
The 12th June was a significant date for Tim and Lynsey, not because it is Valentine’s Day in Manaus, but because they could order a meal at the mall and get a taxi back to the house unassisted, using local landmarks. What seems like such a small achievement was huge for them and has done wonders for their confidence in a previously extremely limited situation.
Tim and Lynsey are thankful for the family who’ve put up with them living in their home for four months. Please pray for their uncertain future concerning potential accommodation that they had hoped to be staying in from the month of June.
Pray for the Lord’s continued leading in ministry and for the motivation to keep going, regardless of their slow progress in an ever-increasingly difficult language.
The heat, combined with the new food and stressful change of life, has led Lynsey to suffer from many uncomfortable bouts of sickness. Thankfully, Tim has only had to contend with a recent slip on a wet floor.
Tim and Lynsey are still teaching English two days a week at the school. Currently the students are learning numbers, clothing, daily routines, travel, space exploration, home, school and family life. Although they have been doing this for quite some time, it is still a struggle for Tim and Lynsey to try and explain important concepts to the students in English e.g. these and those, must and mustn’t, have to and don’t have to (yet he/she doesn’t have to), will and won’t (teacher, why is it won’t and not willn’t?). As you can imagine, these topics can be difficult to explain in your own heart language, without trying to teach students who have little idea what you’re saying.
Tim and Lynsey would value much prayer for their ability to communicate and their understanding to improve, as they can feel isolated and ineffective, surrounded by the enthusiastic conversation and daily activity of those around them. They are about to begin a new ministry with the church on a Sunday afternoon; visiting the various established works with children, older people, a leprosy colony etc., and they will choose which ministry to assist in. This will be an added challenge for Tim and Lynsey, as they will be working in the mid-afternoon summer heat, and they would value prayer for perseverance in an already busy day that begins with a 7:30am pick-up for the church service.

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