God answered prayer

This week Esme will be flying back to West Africa. An answer to prayer by an amazing, faithful God.

Give thanks to the Lord that she could buy tickets at a reasonable price for this time of year. This was by no means guaranteed in the eyes of the world…yet with God, all things are possible! Praise the Lord for the availability and a low price for her second bag of luggage too.

The Lord has overruled and answered prayer regarding medication over and above anything she imagined possible! After an initial hiccup, her GP said ‘we can prescribe your medication yearly!’ This is unheard of with this medication and better than the previous six-month arrangement. Give thanks that all medical investigations are now complete and that the more recent tests were all clear. Esme’s vaccinations are done and the new anti-malaria medication she needs to take has arrived. (It is likely that the previous one she took could well have contributed to some of the symptoms she was experiencing). Pray for improved movement in her shoulder, a continual reduction in the pain and for continued improvement in energy and health.

While Esme has been at home, she spent several months really not feeling well enough to plan to do much at all, followed by some months doing very little and struggling with tiredness/a reaction to whatever she did do. The remaining few months have been busy with various things, including multiple medical appointments and most recently spending time sorting and packing!

She thanks the Lord for safe travels and for opportunities to reconnect with friends she hadn’t seen in a while as well as meeting new people. Also for time spent with the staff and students at North Cotes and with members of the local church she attended while in the training.

Towards the end of June, Esme’s good friend and incredibly patient language helper got married. This was really hard for Esme, as she would have loved to have been there to support her, to be involved in the preparations and to celebrate her special day with her. Pray that Esme will be able to renew their friendship and that they can begin working together. She will need patience!

Pray for Esme’s relationship with her host family particularly after they move house. Pray that they will continue to get on well and make the most of the time spent together.

Esme has a new place to live in the same area as before. She will be sharing with another missionary. Pray for them as they adjust. In addition, that they will be a blessing to each other.

Pray that Esme would make good progress with the culture and the French language and for wisdom and guidance from the Lord concerning where to serve when she has completed culture and French language study in the capital.

Also pray for her family and friends across the world who do not know the Lord, that they may come to know Him!